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Two great companies have joined forces to present the most powerful Smoking Cessation method ever devised!


The home of the very safest vaping devices and the purest possible e-juice delivery system, Liquid Sciences is complementing its Countdown program with the legacy Smokenders course.


Combines the benefits of Bluetooth technology, world class vaping devices and ingredients and delivers the legendary Smokenders course right on the app.   High tech, Highest quality ingredients and the most successful cessation program in the World are united on the app for your convenience in quitting smoking and eliminating Nictoine from your life


With more than 2 million ex-smokers having graduated, the Smokenders behavioral and psychological course help smokers to break free from smoking and nicotine addiction in a structured, step-by-step way. 

Your Journey Starts Here

It's simple to get started toward transitioning from smoking to vaping, then from vaping to Zero_nicotine and then to freedom.

Smokenders with Zero-Nic

 Your journey to being free of nicotine begins with your purchase of the Smokenders Zero-Nic kit.  Once you plug in your vaping device, you will be directed to the Veratad service for age verification.  There you will get your Zero-Nic ID, 

Download the Zero-Nic App

After you have received your Zero-Nic ID from Vertitad Age Verification process, click on the "Download Zero-Nic" button below to download the  mobile app, wither from iTunes or the Google Play store

Login to App to Activate

Once the Zero-Nic app has been downloaded and installed, you will need your Zero-Nic ID to activate the app and to access the Smokenders with Zero-Nic course.   Then your real journey toward smoking cessation will begin.
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